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The Team

Headshot of James Willmott

James taught maths in secondary schools in Devon for over 10 years before embarking on his journey into the world of Edtech. He has also taught Functional Skills Maths to a wide range of adults through his work with the Exeter City Community Trust. He brings all of this experience to his role leading the Maths Kitchen FE project. His calm, reassuring manner and passion for maths and teaching shine through in the video lessons he creates.

Francis, after getting a first class degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University, put his maths to use working as an actuary, where he specialised in actuarial software development. He subsequently did a PGCE at Exeter University and has five years experience teaching Maths and Statistics at school and university level. He now leads the development work on the Maths Kitchen platform.

Headshot of Francis Malone-Lee

Marie’s is an experienced dietitian and the lead for the dietetic Cystic Fibrosis Team (both paediatric and adult) at the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Trust. She is also currently doing a fellowship within the NHS England South West workforce team where she is helping build a more sustainable NHS workforce.
She brings her passion for healthcare and people to the Maths Kitchen team and provides valuable insight around the needs of learners in a healthcare setting.