Bett Awards 2024 Winner

A new Functional Skills platform that you and your students will be enthusiastic about…

Maths Kitchen FE securely provides all the data you need. It will boost your students’ confidence to help them achieve success in Functional Skills Maths.

Solving the management problem of delivering accurate and useful information

Learning managers want to give their learners the best help available. To do this managers want detailed information about how engaged they are, what progress they are making and how much work are they completing.

You can also see how engagement differs between different courses and different teachers in order to help everyone improve.

Maths Kitchen FE will do all this and more

Solving the teachers’ problem of accurate and engaging assessment

Teachers will find that the way the initial assessment on Maths Kitchen FE continually adjusts to the ability of each student means it only takes them around 10 minutes to complete.

At the end of the assessment teachers have an accurate idea of their students’ overall level and are already starting to build up a detailed picture of their ability across a range of topics.

Maths Kitchen FE will do all this and more

Solving the students’ problem of lack of confidence and engagement

Some learners feel they are no good at Maths. Using Maths Kitchen FE has allowed learners to feel successful, make progress and improve.

The tailored pathway that the site creates allows learners to work independently towards manageable and achievable goals.

Maths Kitchen FE will do all this and more

Learner engagement

Our platform has been designed to create a secure, positive, online environment to help motivate and engage students in further education Maths. The close collaboration we have had with learners means we have been able to understand and prioritise the things that are important to them: a clean simple layout, a personalised pathway, and a short, engaging assessment that adapts to their level allowing them to get a sense of success from their very first visit.

Tailored pathways

Our platform will give your learners the best help available to reach their goals. Its algorithms are able to recognise the current student level and provide every learner with a personalised journey where they feel recognised and rewarded throughout the experience. This process helps remove anxiety issues, improve previous negative experiences and create an environment for individuals to recognise their potential. Detailed information throughout the journey is fed back to the teacher to enable meaningful intervention. 

A lack of confidence with numbers limits learners’ progress


Maths Kitchen FE allows learners to feel successful, make progress, and improve

The Challenge

Teachers need to quickly assess the ability of a wide range of learners.

Low learner confidence is a barrier to engagement.

Tailoring support and checking progress is difficult.


The Project

Maths Kitchen FE grew out of a project, supported by The Ufi Voctech Trust to bring teachers, learners and our expertise together to understand and meet these challenges.


The Benefits

Quickly identify a learner’s ability with an engaging assessment.

Personalised pathways give learners a sense of success and motivation.

Clearly see details of learners’ engagement and progress.

The Team

The project is led by James and Francis; experienced Maths teachers and Edtech advocates. They previously launched a Maths GCSE platform that was recommended by the DfE and NCETM as a valuable home learning resource. They are now bringing their expertise and enthusiasm to a product entirely focussed on Functional Skills Maths.

Anxiety and low confidence affects learners ability to progress with Maths


Our platform is focussed on nurturing the student through the learning process


“It made me feel comfortable and calm working through the tasks“


“The assessments are fast for students to complete and gave us a really accurate picture about their current level of maths“

Ben Hughes, Head of Maths, Telford College

“As teachers we enjoyed the ease with which we could see students’ progress… Students were so positive about its clear and simple online learning environment. They could easily see and measure their progress“

Andy Brewer, Head of Adult Learning Maths, Exeter College


James taught maths in secondary schools in Devon for over 10 years before embarking on his journey into the world of Edtech. He has also taught Functional Skills Maths to a wide range of adults through his work with the Exeter City Community Trust. He brings all of this experience to his role leading the Maths Kitchen FE project. His calm, reassuring manner and passion for maths and teaching shine through in the video lessons he creates.