What data we collect

The data we need to collect about you is broadly in two categories, data to allow us to identify you, and data concerning your maths and what you got right and wrong when answering questions on MathsKitchenfe.co.uk

Data to allow us to identify you

When you log in you will authorise us to use certain pieces of information about you when you initially login. This may include your username, name, or email address. The purpose of this is to allow you to login from wherever you want to in the future.

Data from Microsoft or Google login accounts

When you choose to login using your Google or Microsoft account we access your basic Google/Microsoft profile data and store the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Your unique Google/Microsoft account identifier

We use this data in order to register you with the MathsKitchenFE application and to allow your teacher or course leader to identify you and monitor your progress.

Information about your maths

For each logged in user we keep a record of any other information you have given us about your maths, for example, what qualification you are aiming for. We also keep a record of your performances on questions you attempt on the site. All of this is in order to be able to provide you with information about your progress, to tailor advice to you and to improve advice we give to you and other users.

How we process your data

We process the data we hold in two ways. Firstly we process your data individually in order to provide you and your teachers/course leaders with brief summaries of your performance. Secondly, we anonymise your data and aggregate it with other anonymous data in order to help us improve the learning experience for you and all other users.

Who can access data

Only you and the data controller can access your personal data.

You, the data controller, and your teachers/course leaders can access summaries of your progress as well as your personal data, for example your email address.

Contacting You

If you have provided us with your email address as part of the signing in we will only contact you for marketing purposes if you have explicitly agreed to let us do so.

Sharing your data with third parties

We do not share your personal data with any commercial third parties. Data is held and processed for the purposes of improving the experience of MathsKitchenfe users.

We may share data which relates to you with academic experts from Exeter University or other academic institutions for the purpose of improving our data models. We will only ever use anonymised data for this purpose.

How your data is protected

Data is exchanged with the MathsKitchenfe server over a secure SSL connection. You can see this for yourself in padlocks on your browser and https:// in the URLs you and the website use.

Data is held on a secure server with Amazon Web Services on their EU - London Data Servers, and is only accessed via the MathsKitchenfe servers over a secure connection. Your access to this data is secured via user authentication mechanisms.

Third party services providers

In order to enable us to focus on what we think is important (delivering a great learning experience to you) we use third party services for things which would take us a long time to write ourselves. See the Cookie policy for more details about this.

We use Google Analytics, who are an industry wide service provider. They collect anonymised data about the interactions which are popular on websites. We use Google Analytics in order to make sure that we enhance and deliver the features which users enjoy using the most.

We use Auth0 to enable you to log in easily and ensure that you benefit from the security that using world leading experts in authentication and authorisation brings.

Your rights

You have the right to see, correct or delete any data which we have collected about you. To do so simply contact the data controller, who will respond within 7 working days.

Data controller

The data controller is Francis Malone-Lee. Contact him at francis@mathskitchen.com with any questions or requests you have.